Illegal marijuana shops give the press something to do

Many of the different people would mistakenly think that this is a recreational marijuana area because this neighborhood has a couple of weed dispensaries that are located close to the Indian area reservation.

The people around here think that means that my pal in addition to myself can so we legally but that actually is not the truth of it at all because the reservation is already doing something that is technically illegal by producing the type of marijuana goods.

However no one seems to stop them due to the fact that the reservation has a police force as well as gestapo that is just their own. Recreational marijuana would bring lots of money plus Corporation to the reservation and area so no one chooses to stop any of the money that is going in there. It would be absolutely nice for the people I was with in addition to myself you absolutely have nice access to recreational or medical cannabis. I would absolutely be able to smoke some so that I no longer have this type of anxiety. It’s not good for me to see a doctor because then everyone will know that I have filled a prescription for my mental health plus spent a money and fee if they see those fees then that is a paper trail and with recreational marijuana you can simply go to a store plus buy this which is much easier. There is no way for people to know that it comes from an illegal business if you buy your supplies from a place that is like the reservation.
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