Cannabis makes me tired, but it helps my back aches

I regularly wish that the state had recreational marijuana that was legal.

I think that it odors a great deal that medical marijuana is the only thing legal especially because 30 miles over the border I can’t have access to recreational cannabis without the need of a doctor’s prescription.

Every one of us regularly make appointments in addition to have to wait while seeing other people in the waiting room to wait for the doctor and spend a several amount of dollars on the one-time application fee. Unfortunately this has to be paid year after year and that becomes a problem. It feels more like this date once you make sure that we give them a little bit of money and they would still get the same amount in taxes or more if they would just legalize marijuana like other places. It is a lot of labor for the people I was with an addition to myself to hastily go to sleep without having any type of sleeping aid. After I work out and meditate, I have to periodically take something for sleep and that is a medical marijuana product. Medical marijuana products help with quite bit in addition to the fact that they can help you when you are traveling around and have some type of recreational marijuana product in your pocket. It’s silly for the state to not have any legal laws that would protect all of the citizens because I can easily drive over to the other state border to get any type of recreational marijuana product and it won’t require me to pay a bunch of fees to the state every year.

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