Hiring software for dispensaries helped me find the right employees.

The people walked away with a clear idea of what they had to do.

Hiring people was never my strong suit, and i hated it when I had to do an interview with prospective employees. When I first trained to be a director, they taught me that prospective employees should ask questions throughout the interview, to see if the company is a great match for them, and not just the other way around. If the employee doesn’t get enough information about the supplier and the director, they may abruptly become disgruntled, which could make for a hostile environment within the business! As a dispensary director, this made a few situations different. I had to know more about the supplier and the laws to make wise hiring choices, one of the best helpers I could have found was the hiring software for dispensaries; Hiring software for dispensaries gave me all the information I needed when hiring employees. II appreciated using it, because there were no more gaps in the interview. The people walked away with a clear idea of what they had to do. The only problem was when the interviewee answered the questions, however gave no clarification of why they answered like they did. Without knowing how an interviewee would react in some situations, and finding out if they expertise of the job they were interviewing for, I wasn’t able to determine if I should hire them. With hiring software for dispensaries, I could find the right employees. That’s what they were trying to tell me, however it wasn’t working for me! People can constantly tell you want to hear, however it can be bull, however you still need a strong sense of who the people were, and often I had to let people walk away who I thought would work, however weren’t cooperative with the process.

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