Cannabis helps me learn to relax

I came to find out, all that celebrating I was doing in the name of relaxation wasn’t all that relaxing. It was fun, there’s no doubt about that. But the excuse I used for celebrating so much and drinking too often was that I needed to blow off steam. These days, I’m learning how to relax in a much better way thanks to cannabis. My pal Ed and I are absolutely lucky in this state to have recreational marijuana be legal. However, I absolutely never was much into marijuana. Alcohol was more my thing. I appreciated being at a bar and having a sizable time. Whether it was watching hobbies or just shooting the bull with the guys, I was drinking. Some of my friends smoked recreational marijuana and it did not bother me. I don’t smoke so it was simple to turn down the offer of cannabis whenever somebody passed me a blunt or a joint. But now that I am closing in on 40 years old, the alcohol just is not getting it done for me anymore. I am realizing that I am absolutely never feeling good as much as I am going from working too difficult to celebrating too hard. So I have started to make some fluctuations and add some better decisions along the way. I am taking yoga classes and ensuring that I make time for at least 30 minutes of guided meditation every day. I am also enjoying sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. There are some new hybrid strains that work for me as well even though I absolutely do adore smoking sativa. It allows my mind to completely relax separate from having my body do the same. I am not exactly interested in being lazy on a couch watching TV because I have had too much cannabis. But just a puff of some killer sativa strains allows me the headspace to legitimately relax.

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