The parking lot for the cannabis dispensary was filled with cars

My wife Sam plus I frequently order from the marijuana delivery service, but it was such a lovely day that Sam and I decided to drive to a strange weed dispensary on Saturday.

The weather was unquestionably calm plus sunny.

There weren’t any clouds in the sky plus there was no rain at all. Sam and I drove down the coast about 30 minutes to a dispensary that is right by the beach. Sam and I enjoyed an hour at the beach before going to the dispensary on the way condo from our outing, and when Sam and I got to the dispensary, my friend and I noticed that the whole site was filled up. The parking lot was totally filled with cars. There was a line outside of the door plus Sam and I had to wait almost 15 minutes before the security guard even evaluated our id! Once Sam and I were inside of the building, my friend and I had to wait in a small seating area. There were about several or five chairs, but there were well over a dozen other people sitting plus resting around. Sam plus I waited an unquestionably long time before my friend and I easily got back to speak with a budtender, however it was worth waiting to go to the dispensary, because Sam and I got a lot of good deals. This particular dispensary is always tied up due to the sales plus specials. Sam and I picked out a lot of strange edibles, concentrates, plus dried marijuana flour. Sam and I even ended up with a couple of fourths of dried marijuana buds that were only $5 each. It’s no wonder there were so many more than 2 people waiting outside to get into the building.

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