Passing years brings change to cannabis dispensaries

I remember right where I was standing when medical marijuana was legalized.

It was such a euphoric event in my life.

My friends and I had worked hard to advocate and get people out to vote for medical marijuana. And when it passed, we were all elated. I had seen first hand what cannabis products had done for one of my dearest friends. She pulled through her cancer treatments thanks to indica and sativa strains. Yet, it was illegal for her to use that marijuana in order to save her life. I mean, how is that even rational on any level. Marijuana is a natural plant found growing so easily that it’s called weed for a reason. With the first cannabis dispensaries, it was pretty basic. There were some local cannabis growers who went legal and started to sell their cannabis products to the local cannabis spots. Those first cannabis dispensaries were pretty basic but you could still get the cannabis products to help manage your suffering or cure your ills. Now that recreational marijuana is legal, the cannabis dispensaries are much more corporate and retail driven. The only thing I recognize about the latest cannabis dispensary near me is the smell of all that cannabis. But by the atmosphere, I could be walking into a fine wine and cheese store. The lighting is perfect and there is an awesome sound system. It’s such a mellow place as well and all the staff are cannabis knowledgeable and compassionate. It’s really something to have witnessed the evolution of the local cannabis spot.

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