I met a cute guy at the post office

I had to pick up a couple of packages from the post office and I ran into a truly cute guy.

I was having trouble opening the door and the guy grabbed the boxes right as they were about to fall onto the ground. The guy made a joke about myself and others getting packages of marijuana, because various of the boxes came from the west coast. I thought it was a funny joke, and it would have been ironic if it had been true; Occasionally I do get packages from our friends, however they don’t properly contain marijuana products. The guy and I struck up a conversation about our dog, and he was laying in the front seat of the truck and he was honestly cute and friendly, but he asked myself and others if I wanted to meet at the dog park sometime and told myself and others that he had a dog that was around the same size. The next afternoon the two of us met at the dog park. The guy brought a marijuana joint with him. He asked if I wanted to smoke and I thought it sounded like a great idea. The two of us walked around to the back of the dog park where there were not a lot of people and the two of us smoked the marijuana joint while the dogs played together. The next afternoon the guy called to see if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie on Monday night. Things are progressing truly nicely and I am studying more and more about that guy as the two of us spend time together. He seems like a truly easy going guy who prefers to smoke weed.

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