Cannabis helps curb my temper and my anger issues

In the movie The Avengers, the Hulk had that brilliant line where he said “that’s my secret, Cap, I’m always angry.” This really resonated with me, because I have suffered from anger problems for years.

I do yoga and meditation to try and keep myself calm, but sometimes nothing seems to work.

Nothing works except for cannabis, which does the trick every time. The worst thing I can do is drink alcohol, because that makes me stupid and belligerent and spoiling for a fight! I’m not joking, either, when I used to go to bars I got into a lot of fights. I am still under a lifetime ban at three different bars, although I’m proud to say that once I started smoking cannabis I never got into another public fight. I have learned enough over the years to only go out and socialize while under the influence of cannabis. If I am stone-cold sober, then I will start drinking booze when I go out, and it never ends well. A few months ago the local cannabis dispensary opened up a smokers lounge in an adjoining building. This is the best of both worlds for me, because I can still socialize, but instead of being tempted to drink alcohol I can consume a steady supply of cannabis products. I usually buy a cannabis drink, either a soda pop or a fruit juice, so I have something to sip on while I talk to people. Cannabis drinks are superior to alcohol in every way, and they help to keep my anger issues at bay.



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