I had to talk to the preacher about cannabis

When our mom caught me smoking pot in high college she yelled at me. The next weekend she caught me again. Admittedly I didn’t try honestly strenuous to be secretive, because I genuinely didn’t care what she thought. I got another lecture, but it didn’t do anything to convince me not to get stoned. No matter how aggravated she was, our Mom could never deliver me a great reason why I shouldn’t get high. After a while she gave up & called her older sibling, who was a preacher at the church, to have a talk with him, however like mom, our Uncle Luke was strongly against recreational cannabis use, but he couldn’t deliver me a great reason why that was. There is nothing in the Bible about cannabis being sinful. I would wager a recognize that if the Garden of Eden ever existed, there were a lot of cannabis plants there. Luke did point out a passage in the Bible about how every one of us needed to follow the law of the land, & that included cannabis laws. I asked Luke if that was tplot when “the law of the land” was against interracial marriages; He said that was a uncommon matter honestly from cannabis, even though I disagreed; Uncle Luke & I had a honestly long conversation, but it didn’t go as planned. Instead of convincing me that cannabis was sinful, I think I convinced him that it wasn’t sinful! I don’t suppose that Luke started smoking marijuana after that, even though I do think that I managed to plant a seed of doubt in his mind. Mom was not thrilled about it, either.