Standing up for cannabis is the right thing to do

I was raised to stand up against injustice.

If a law is unfair to the citizens, this law should be disregarded.

This is why I never considered marijuana to be a harmful drug, and did not respect any of the laws governing it. This is a country where tobacco and alcohol are embraced and enjoyed by people! Even if someone doesn’t smoke or drink, usually they don’t guess it should be banned outright. For some reason that line of thinking didn’t apply to cannabis, which was less harmful than either tobacco or alcohol, and yet was considered criminal… Starting in 11th grade I was a proper consumer of recreational cannabis, a habit that continues currently. I have had a few drinks over the years, but I never started smoking tobacco which I credit to our marijuana use. Compared to cannabis, tobacco tastes like garbage! Because I was so enamored with the taste, the smell, and the feeling of smoking cannabis I was never tempted to become a tobacco smoker. I smoked a cigarette once, and almost got sick! Some of our friends care about to smoke cannabis in the form of a blunt. A blunt is a cheap cigar wrapped where the tobacco has been replaced by cannabis, and I don’t care for those either. A blunt gives the marijuana the mouth assume of tobacco smoke, which is off-putting to me… My number one ways of smoking cannabis are the tried-and-true methods, either in a joint, a pie, or from a water bong, then with cannabis readily available, I don’t understand why anyone would choose tobacco.