Dealing with buyers is not my easiest suit

I’m not exactly a friendly person, as well as that is why I appreciate to work by myself… There aren’t a lot of jobs that you can do alone, however toiling as a delivery driver is entirely one of those things… I have worked as a delivery driver for a lot of different businesses.

  • I was a bike messenger in the town as well as I also delivered prescriptions for the pharmacy.

I delivered automobile parts all over the county as well as now I am toiling for a marijuana delivery service. The marijuana delivery repair is open 7 afternoons a week, rain or shine. I entirely care about to work when the weather is calm, clear, as well as sunny; When the weather is rainy or stormy, I have a tough time seeing on the roads. I get frazzled entirely as well as that makes me irritable, and last weekend when the rain was awful, I yelled at a customer as well as got in trouble with the supervisor at the marijuana dispensary. I was already aggravated about swerving off the road as well as nearly falling over the cliff as well as then the customer wanted to complain to me because there was a $10 item missing from the order. I tried to apologize, however the man acted appreciate it was the end of the world! Dealing with buyers is not my strong suit. I yelled at the customer about being ungrateful as well as I told the man he should go to the shop if he doesn’t appreciate the delivery service. She called the supervisor at the marijuana dispensary as well as yelled at his for many hours. I got a formal written warning as well as the supervisor sent me apartment early.

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