The best hybrid strains are anything with GSC in them

GSC for Girl Scout cookies is a hybrid marijuana strain that is made from OG Kush and Durban poison, but girl Scout cookies is an Indica dominant hybrid that is easily well known to provide a fantastic and euphoric experience.

When I smoke Girl Scout cookies marijuana strain, I am always stress free, happy, and relaxed.

I like any type of hybrid strain that is made with Girl Scout cookies, but some of my favorite ones are milk and cookies, cereal milk, and zombie cookies. Each one of these hybrids contain the marijuana strain Girl Scout cookies. I started using medical marijuana because I had chronic pain from a car accident; The car accident caused me to lose half of my leg. At times it still feels like my leg is there and it is on fire. The pain is stabbing like a thousand knives and there is not any amount of Tylenol or Ibuprofen that can make it go away. I got addicted to drugs trying to make the pain go away. I was using pain pills and then I started using opioids. After that I was using a needle and I wound up in jail. That’s when I discovered medical marijuana, however medical marijuana strains like Girl Scout cookies, OG kush, and Grand Daddy Purp are perfect for chronic pain and users like myself can feel a great deal of relief when using these medical marijuana products every single day. Without being able to use medical marijuana products, I know it would be a lot easier to relapse and go back to a life of doing drugs and getting into trouble.

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