Everyone that smokes cigarettes gets a longer break

I recently started working at a new company and I don’t really like the company policies.

My old company had to shut down and go bankrupt, so I was happy to find employment quickly.

I was only out of work for two weeks before I was offered a position with this firm. I’ve only been here a week and I already have some minor complaints. One of the policies states that I can’t have a space heater under my desk during the day. My feet are always cold especially during the winter months. I’m not pleased to learn that I won’t be able to stay warm during that day. I also found out that we don’t get regularly scheduled ten minute breaks during the day. Each person only gets a lunch break. Of course, if you smoke cigarettes, then you can pop outside anytime you want to smoke. The boss smokes too, so its; no big deal. These employees probably waste about an hour outside each day. I smoke cannabis, but I know they wouldn’t allow me to take a couple of hits while I was outside. People think that cannabis is terrible, but I think it happens to be one of the best plants in the world. Cannabis can help with a number of physical and mental ailments and there are more than a hundred different types of cannabis sativa plants. Cannabis should be just as mainstream as smoking a cigarette. If it was, then I would be able to enjoy the same breaks as every other person working for this company.


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