I refused medical marijuana.

My doctor was really upset with me last week.

I was having a lot of medical problems and he couldn’t keep up with all the meds he was giving me. He told me that if I would just quit being stubborn, he could help me get the medical marijuana ID card and a few pills a day would help with all that was happening. I had rheumatoid arthritis and it was affecting all of my organs. He was sure medical marijuana would help slow down the progression and help keep my pain at bay. We were trying physical therapy, but things were happening so quickly it was all I could do to move, I hurt so badly. I kept refusing medical marijuana, so he talked to my husband. My husband asked him if he had met me, and told the doctor that once I decided something, there was no talking me out of my decision. The doctor told him he had to convince me or I would be in a wheelchair, and then I wouldn’t live much longer. My ability to walk and keep my heart pumping properly was diminishing my lifespan, and quickly. I loved my husband and I would do anything for him, but I was afraid of what medical marijuana would do to me. My best friend was a big marijuana user and the next thing I knew she needed stronger drugs and ended up overdosing. I was afraid the same thing would happen to me. The doctor told my husband that medical marijuana could be controlled, and I was too stubborn to take anything other than what was prescribed by the pharmacist at the medical marijuana dispensary.

medical cannabis