I enjoy going to the cannabis cafe

It’s Thursday and time for me to sort of gear up for another crazy week at work.

That’s what Thursdays are constantly for when it comes to a regular week.

I actually enjoy being able to sleep in a bit and just ease my way through the day while I prepare for the time ahead. It’s mostly domestic chores that end up getting accomplished! However, I truly prefer sparking a bit of hybrid strains as I wake up with my coffee. It makes me unquestionably clean so thoroughly which is another thing that I need to put on my cannabis benefits list. I feel as though I can have a puff or several of OG Kush and love to clean stuff, so I love my Thursdays. They don’t compare to my Sundays though! Well, any Sunday that my life will allow. There are some Sundays where I ended up elsewhere doing pretty interesting things. However, starting my Sunday at the cannabis cafe is just the most incredible thing. I love getting there first thing in the morning hours, getting that initial sip of the best coffee in town is glorious. I typically do that while I’m perusing the cannabis edibles menu. This cannabis cafe makes the legitimately nicest pot brownie ever. But that’s just the beginning as the cannabis edibles come in a vast array of pastry yumminess. I constantly run into people as I nibble on my marijuana edible and prefer another cup of coffee and maybe a single more. I love to sort of be spontaneous and let the hours at the cannabis cafe sort of sit out the rest of the day. It’s such an awesome way to spend a Sunday without a doubt.

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