Cannabis is amazing for social anxiety

There is some interesting irony in the fact that the thing that absolutely helped me was cannabis. I basically called that out a decade or more ago, however most people in my life were horrified at the fact that I would even take into consideration using medical marijuana! My pals and family were all part of the culture that believed all the myths about marijuana. They were even giant antagonists when it came to medical marijuana ending up on the ballot. When it passed, they were pretty sure that it was just the end of our time on earth. But people who are like this can influence people who are something like me. I have always been shy and would rather follow than cause any sort of confrontation. I have also dealt with challenging social anxiety since I was in elementary school. My parents honestly forced me to go to all kinds of therapists and I have taken just about every anti-anxiety drug there is in the world. Finally, once medical marijuana was legalized in our state, I just did not necessarily care what anybody else thought. I just was looking to become blissful and to be able to interact with people in a comfortable sort of way. The folks at my local cannabis store were able to find a hybrid strain for sale that is perfect for my situation. It was seriously similar to an immediate change once I started treating with the hybrid strain from the cannabis store. I am able to socialize and have interpersonal relationships in a way I have never been able to. And even my family is starting to come around to the fact that cannabis changed my life in a beautiful kind of way.

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