I like cooking with cannabis products

My parents started to teach me basic cooking skills starting at the age of 7.

I had a habit of standing next to them whenever they cooked as I was growing up so that I could taste the food as it was being prepared.

Eventually they figured it would be a good idea to just show me how to do some of the cooking on my own. I remember it like yesterday; the first dish I prepared was spaghetti. It wasn’t a complicated batch of spaghetti, especially since the sauce was from a jar. I learned how to fry the ground beef, add the sauce, and boil the noodles. Regardless of how it came out, I was so thrilled with myself and extremely satisfied with my new skill. I probably made spaghetti at least once a week from that point moving forward for at least three to four years. In between my subsequent repeat attempts at making Italian food, I learned how to make other things like Chinese chicken and Mexican cuisine. When I got to college, I had a roommate that liked to cook with cannabis at the time. He would first make a batch of cannabutter by cooking ground cannabis flower buds in melted butter on low heat for several hours. After the cannabis was strained from the butter, he would let it cool in the refrigerator. At that point, you simply substitute cannabutter for regular butter in virtually any recipe you want. You just have to be careful to not cook the cannabutter at too high of a temperature or it will degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes inside. I still cook with cannabutter to this day utilizing the same techniques I learned from my college roommate.

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