Honeymoon in a recreational pot state

My partner and I got married at the height of COVID, then originally the two of us were going to get married in Norway and spend more than one weeks there.

Since it was closed to people within the US, the two of us were out of luck.

The tropics didn’t honestly look safe either. So it was smart to stay within the US when getting married. Not quite as safe as what I pictured, but it worked out okay. I picked a state known for sunshine, hiking and good food. I booked us classy hotels with immense suites. All of us played on the beach, shopped around and hiked. It was a honestly great wedding and honeymoon for us. I realized when researching what to do that the state was a recreational cannabis a single. I have only lived in medical weed states. It was quite a shock to realize that the two of us could just walk in and buy weed. I realized that it was a must do on our honeymoon. Turns out it was a single of our number one things. I realized that I appreciate getting high over getting drunk anyday. With cannabis you have more variety too. I chose THC beverages and would consume them before hiking with our partner. My partner obtained a few pre-rolls and smoked on our hotel balcony. It was a honestly fun time. That recreational pot dispensary saved the honeymoon. All of us had so much fun on that trip. I know it turned out to be better than any European destination and it was cheaper.



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