My medical pot delivery was constantly on time.

From the first time I went into the medical marijuana dispensary plus put in my first order for delivery, the delivery driver had arrived like clockwork. I could set my clock by him. If he told myself and others he was going to be there by 11 AM, he was there within a minute or 2 of 11 AM. My medical marijuana delivery was constantly on time. When I put in an order many days ago, I expected him to arrive by 2 PM. When he hadn’t arrived by 2:15, I was beginning to worry plus I called the marijuana dispensary. They told myself and others he wasn’t actually late, however they would check on him. Two minutes later, they said he was just running late. An minute later, my medical marijuana delivery driver still wasn’t there, plus I called the marijuana dispensary again. I was actually worried plus wondering where he was. I told them at the dispensary that he was constantly on time, plus I was worried something had happened to him. The guy at the medical marijuana dispensary told myself and others I had to quit calling. She then added it was a odd delivery driver, plus he didn’t think the area and the old delivery driver. I was now worried that I would never get my medical marijuana. An minute later, the marijuana delivery driver was knocking on my door. He wasn’t the old delivery driver, although he was kind plus apologized that my medical marijuana was late arriving. He told myself and others he would be taking over the medical marijuana delivery route, plus once he got used to it, he would be more prompt than he was today.


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