It was shocking to hear about recreational cannabis delivery.

I have no problem with people getting cannabis delivered when in need of medical marijuana, but it was shocking to hear about recreational cannabis delivery.

I am often told I am a prude, but that is not the truth. When I was younger, I would imbibe in a toke or two of marijuana. I grew up in the sixties, and it was all around me. My brother used marijuana for anxieties before it was heard of as a natural medicinal product. There were no marijuana products to be found in stores. We bought it on the streets, and made our own marijuana treats. It shocked me when I heard about recreational cannabis delivery, because I grew up in a time when using marijuana was no-no. I never thought I would live to see medical marijuana or legal recreational marijuana. To have recreational marijuana delivery service is something I never thought would or could happen. I could only imagine all the parties people would be throwing because they didn’t need to go out and find marijuana on the streets. They were able to walk into recreational marijuana stores, pick up edibles and other marijuana products, and take them home. You could smoke marijuana in your home, or in designated areas around the city. I was thinking I may go back to using recreational marijuana, now that they have recreational cannabis delivery services. My husband was the one who told me about recreational cannabis delivery. I wonder if he isn’t thinking the same thing I was about placing an order for marijuana products and having them delivered. I will admit that I do miss those brownies and gummies I used to make.

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