Cannabis dispensary changed our mind

I’ve never been a proponent of cannabis, and but I sure am a recently converted advocate… I spent our entire life misunderstanding plus believing a bunch of myth when it came to marijuana, these nights, I’ve got it straight plus I understand why this plant has been helping people for some 5 thoUSnd years, medical marijuana is a real thing.

But that was 1 of the complications that I completely discounted! When the argument for legal medical marijuana was happening in our state, I was straight against it.

I just figured it was a stoner way of getting around state law, but of course, I was an idiot then. I felt the same way though when recreational marijuana was passed. But that all changed the first time our child took myself and others to the local cannabis dispensary, but she battled cancer when she was in her mid twenties. Medical marijuana helped her through that. I didn’t recognize this as I buried our head in the sand while she was sick. I couldn’t handle her suffering. When I l gained about the immense difference indica plus hybrid strains made to her life, I began to change our tune. Since it was legal, I took our child up on an offer to join her at the local cannabis spot. That’s when it all became clear to myself and others just why they call it medical marijuana. My child also took myself and others there to get help for the back pain I have to manage on a near bi-weekly basis. I bought some cannabis edibles plus gave them a try at condo that night. I hadn’t slept that sound in more than a decade, and I have more range of motion so I can do more of the important exercises that are good for me. So yea, I’m a cannabis convert.


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