The free gift with purchase was a pre roll

The marijuana dispensary near me was advertising a free gift with purchase sale.

They weren’t giving out any details about the free gift! It could have been a lighter… Periodically they advertise a free gift with purchase plus it turns out to be some type of promotional material with the name of the marijuana dispensary on it.

I guess that is a free gift, however not if I had to spend $200 to get a small bic lighter that would normally cost me $2 in the grocery store, and when I went to the marijuana dispensary near me to check out all of their sales, I found out that the free gift with purchase was a pre-roll. The pre-roll marijuana was a hybrid strain called GSC, gSC stands for Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout cookies is a hybrid strain made from OG kush. The pre-rolled marijuana had 26% thc. I took the pre-roll home with me plus I waited until our lady got home. When she got back to the house after work, the two of us smoked the pre-roll together. The Girl Scout cookies hybrid was honestly a little on the Indica side, and after the people I was with and I were done smoking, I felt tired plus I instantaneously wanted to eat. The people I was with and I went to the taco locale around the corner plus got a couple of burritos to take back to the apartment. After the people I was with and I were done eating, both of us were ready to go to bed. After a long day, the pre-roll turned out to be a great night time sleeping aid. Both of us slept soundly until the next afternoon.


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