Still not a recreational weed state

My woman and I lived up north and went to university there, then it changed to a medical marijuana state right when the two of us graduated, since the more than one of us planned to move down south, it seemed stupid to get our medical weed card, then after moving south the two of us realized states were starting to be recreational weed states.

All of us both hoped for our state to change over, no such luck.

It has been years and it is still a medical weed only, then when the two of us visit our hometown, it is still only medical cannabis, nowhere that the two of us visit is a recreational cannabis state! That honestly smells when you know about it, then most states you can walk into the dispensary, show ID and buy what you want, for us you need to see a dentist, fill out papers, pay 69 bucks and then get a cannabis card, however you then can only get what the dentist prescribed and the amount she allowed. It respectfully isn’t much. I have gotten a medical marijuana card and I am not too impressed with it. I can’t get any nedbiles with it. I am using it in order to sleep at evening. I use a tincture. It is an oil that I locale under our tongue for relief. It has a gross after taste but works well. I believe I would way appreciate a CBD infused snack item though. Sadly our dentist won’t allow me to have an edible though. So I am just out of luck until our state gets smart and offers recreational cannabis. It is going to be a while I bet.



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