Somewhere last night, I dropped my bag of weed

Every one of us finished our task way early so that we could spend time with friends plus watch a little bit of TV before there was a midnight football game.

It would regularly start at Eastern time but that is much later for my family’s plus myself who are living somewhere else. We frequently have to rush back home after our task is over just so we can catch the first half. Every one of us have taken off early so we can be in that place when the ball is immediately kicked. We found it to be snowing lately when there was office area but it is far too concerning when we have to deal with the weather. My friends plus myself have been meeting at the bar that is genuinely close to the apartment area. I don’t regularly have to drive because of the fact that it is close. I had gone home to take a shower and then found my hair to be a mess. I have to brush my teeth and get everything done before the snowfall was increasing. I finished getting everything done and the snowflakes were getting to be bigger. I could barely walk over to the tavern without falling down on my butt. I tried to smoke a marijuana joint on the way to the pub but my hands were frozen. The marijuana joint would have tasted good if I would have been able to keep it let. Unfortunately I only spoke about a quarter of the marijuana joint.



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