I was done with my day before anyone else

It was an unbelievable idea to move directly to the city.

Now I am closer to toil plus the very fun night life.

I live in a lake house and building where many apartments have access from a single Central hallway. It seems more like a hotel or motel. We have an elevator as well. The lake house building is right near the middle row of many doors plus I am the fourth door and on the 4th floor of a more than seven-floor building. It’s incredibly hard to hear noises that are coming from outside unless I am very close to the window in the living room. My office plus desk are located in the kitchen area. I took our animal out to have a walk yesterday morning plus the sunlight was shining brightly. I smoked a cannabis joint while walking around the park. I went to my place to get more toil completed. Many hours passed and then my work was almost done. My dog was ready to go outside for another work plus we were all headed directly to the elevator. It was raining really hard and there was no way that we wanted to go outside in the rain. We wanted to grab a sweater. I took the dog out for a walk and tried to smoke a cannabis joint while I was out there. The Cannabis joint got wet and ruined and did not even last very long at all so I had to get rid of the joint and throw it into the great blow.

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