I found some interesting edibles at the shop

Last month when my friends plus myself went to the marijuana shop, they had leftover distillates plus I bought the last more than two grams of banana og.

I’m not sure why there was banana OG left over. It’s a perfectly unbelievable Indica strain that makes most people feel relaxed Plus calm. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do with the distillate indica strain. The holidays were easily around the corner plus I thought that I would make some popcorn balls. My family plus myself made these balls when all of us were younger. It had easily been quite some time since both of us made popcorn balls but this distant offered me one unbelievable idea. Chocolate plus marijuana mix very well together and the chocolate seems to make the effects of the marijuana even greater. It seems to be the natural planter beans in the plant that make chocolate so much better. I made up some popcorn balls plus then coated all of them with infused chocolate. We let them rest out overnight so the chocolate could Harden up. There’s nothing worse than some balls that have drippy chocolate that has not set. I gave out the chocolate covered marijuana balls to my friends plus family plus they were super happy to receive the odd and strange treat. This popcorn ball tradition could be something that I do moving forward as my own tradition. One day I would be able to do that for my own kids too but of course not with marijuana products.

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