I flew into the city to be with my friends

My partner plus myself went to a different city so that we could visit some friends that were not far from our home. Everyone of us regularly stay back at our home for the holidays plus regularly lounge around this house. Now for this year I was insistent that every one of us make some very good use of our time by using it to see friends or perhaps go on a vacation. The two of us were happy to have something fun to do. Everyone of us decided to go to a fantastic fun place that had exciting night life. The place had casinos that were open every single day of the week plus 24 hours plus the bars plus none of the clubs seem to close. During one night when everyone of us went to the city, every one of us ran directly into friends. We did not specifically know that these people were going to be there and it turned out to be a crazy coincidence. Everyone of us made some plans so that we could see something later that weekend. It turned out to be a show that I was not particularly excited about. Luckily, my partner said that the two of us could go to a cannabis shop as well as get something that would make the whole theater experience much more enjoyable. The cannabis shop had Elixir and bizarre flavors such as lemon lime, wild cherry, plus bubblegum. You would think that bubblegum would be a weird flavor for the Cannabis edibles but that was the number one pic by the budtender.
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