I can't count on the delivery service right now

Everyone in my house gets paid at the beginning of the month.

It’s important for everyone of us to budget our currency absolutely well. When everyone of us don’t have currency at the end of the month, every one of us can be in important trouble. Every one of us get paid on the 1st and that’s when I fill up my automobile with gas and pay my electric bills comment insurance, plus rent. I go to The Dispensary as well and stock up on medical marijuana supplies. Medical marijuana is relatively overpriced in this area. I wish I didn’t have to spend as much money. It certainly would be much easier for me to maintain mental health that is good if marijuana was not so overpriced. Sometimes when it is the first of the month, everyone of us order from a City Delivery service. Unfortunately, the delivery service will only come to the house for that minimum amount due to how far away it is. This particular marijuana dispensary was closed down that day. Instead we decided to get items from a delivery service nearby. The delivery service will only go to the address if all of us order $200 or more of items. We’re 35 minutes from that delivery service and dispensary. Would you send a call to see if they would deliver to our area. They said that they do not normally make deliveries that far out, but they had someone that was leaving to go to a job down there and they could bring all of the supplies to me at the same time.

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