Drinking and smoking can cause crazy vivid dreams

This year to celebrate all of the holidays my friends plus myself went to a club.

We do not frequently go to clubs but the both of us felt like dancing plus drinking.

My friends absolutely wanted to go along because it was the New Year’s Eve holiday. It would have been great just to stay back at the house that Saturday to watch the other people act silly, but we actually ended up having some fun. Everyone of us decided to smoke some marijuana plus also drink alcohol. Everyone of us do not frequently use recreational marijuana products or even drink alcohol but every once in awhile we will have some wine. Every one of us had some tequila shots plus beers and all of this happened at the club. By the end of the evening when it was 9:00 p.m., I had a pretty big buzz. My friends plus myself would believe it much better when we smoke recreational marijuana. We would all go to the automobile plus all of us would be smoking marijuana and take kids from joints. Everyone of us were thinking that the marijuana strains were genuinely flavorful. Every one of us did not want to know what the strain was however the marijuana strain smelled strong plus easily potent. My friends plus myself were giggly plus laughing even before we went back to the club for a night on the town. When we were done we certainly wanted to go to get some food at the diner that is down the street from the club area.


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