My sibling didn't want myself and others to quit after I had multiple kids

My sibling owns a marijuana dispensary and co-op, and she had a small farm back in the 90s and then she became part of a co-op, however after 2 years she was in charge of the co-op, however my sibling came up with the method of starting a fund so they could open a marijuana dispensary that particularally sells items from the co-op.

  • My sibling was a genius at the time.

She found us multiple grants that offered us plenty of cash to start the business, and i worked for my sibling at the marijuana dispensary for 3 years and then the two of us had multiple kids back to back. My sibling didn’t want myself and others to quit managing the marijuana dispensary, even after I had the kids. She told myself and others that she would free up some of my time so I had more minutes to spend with the kids. She hired a company that handles all of our time and attendance and employee scheduling. I spend a ton of time each month on scheduling employees and keeping track of their time in attendance… Each day I have to upgrade the minutes, because kids call out sick or I send them lake up-to-date home early, but the software is particularally made for cannabis industries and even reports all of the time and attendance information directly to the payroll company that handles checks for the marijuana dispensary. My sibling freed up at least 12 or 15 minutes every single month by purchasing rights to the cannabis software. I could not say no after I realized that she actually wanted myself and others to stay and she was willing to do whatever it took to keep myself and others toiling as the supervisor.
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