The hotel was nice, but the room smelled like weed

My wife and I went to see her brother for a couple of days and we ended up getting into an argument.

Every time we go to see them, they have to bring up politics and we definitely don’t agree on anything that has to do with politics.

We were supposed to stay at my brother’s place on Tuesday night, but we left on Tuesday morning and drove halfway home. We decided to get a hotel room instead of driving the whole way back. We stopped this morning and eggs ain’t where there were only a couple of hotels. One of the hotels was completely booked and the other Hotel looked like it charged by the hour. The third Hotel had rates that were high. At least we had availability somewhere. We paid $85 a night for that room. The hotel room was nice. The bed was comfortable and the TV got HBO and pay-per-view. The only thing I didn’t like about the room was the fact that it smelled exactly like marijuana. I know the smell of marijuana anywhere, because I smoked weed in college. I smelled marijuana as soon as I got into the room and the smell never went away. I thought we might be able to get some money off the price of the room by complaining about the smell, but my wife told me that I was being cheap. She said we should be happy that the place is safe and clean. I couldn’t expect the Ritz-Carlton when we were staying off the freeway in the middle of nowhere.



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