Jack brought some recreational marijuana joints

It’s been really wet and rainy and my friends and I haven’t been able to go out and have fun in a while.

I decided to host a game night last Wednesday and I invited all of my friends.

Jack came to the party first. He stopped at a marijuana dispensary near me to pick up party supplies. I don’t usually smoke recreational marijuana, so I told Jack that I was just going to drink. He gave me a hard time and called me a party pooper. He talked me into going outside on the back porch and smoking a joint with him. I felt a buzz almost immediately after beginning the smoke session. My friend and I barely finished that joint. I couldn’t smoke much of it and he couldn’t smoke it all. When we went back into the house to join the others for the party, I felt a little woozy and dizzy. I grabbed a can of Coca-Cola and drank it down. The sugar in the soda pop seemed to help orient me. I barely remember much of the evening because I was so high. My friends and I hung out until after midnight and then I laid down on the couch in the living room and passed out until the morning. I didn’t wake up until my phone started ringing. It was my mom. I was supposed to go to her house and meet her early that morning but I never showed up and she was a little concerned. I told my mom that I partied too hard with my friends the previous night.
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