They refused to take a delivery to me.

I put in an order to the local cannabis dispensary and pressed the button for cannabis delivery service, however five minutes later, I got an SMS telling myself and others our order did not go through, and I should call the local cannabis dispensary for help, when I called the cannabis dispensary, they asked if I had an account with them, but i had just turned 21 and it was the first time I had ordered marijuana.

I knew recreational marijuana was legal, and I was going to celebrate our birthday with friends, and the director of the cannabis dispensary told myself and others I had to come into the dispensary and show them a physical ID card.

The first order would need to be made in person, and then I could have cannabis delivery. I thought this was whacked, and I said thank you to them… Before she hung up, she informed myself and others this was the rule for every cannabis dispensary. They were all mandated by the law to see an ID in woman and put it into their system. I was truly bummed now, because I didn’t want to go back out. I passed the cannabis dispensary on our way to work, and I could have put the first order in with no problem, although I didn’t suppose about it. Now, I had to go back into town, go into the cannabis dispensary, and put in an order. At least next time, I’ll suppose I can put in an online order, and sign up for cannabis delivery. It wasn’t how I wanted our first recreational marijuana purchase to go, although I didn’t write the rules.

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