I purchased seven products at the store

Even though the marijuana dispensary near myself and others offers delivery services plus superb prices, I am really exasperated with the service.

The place only offers next day delivery services because their prices are so cheap.

I ordered on Monday so everything would be delivered on Wednesday. I picked the delivery time slot of 1-3 pm. I was lake house all day, so the driver could have come early or late! Unfortunately, the driver did not come at all. I never got the items in our order. The next day I called the cannabis dispensary plus I talked to the manager. She apologized for the mix-up plus the delay plus promised that the order would be sent out immediately. When the driver arrived, I counted the items in the bin to make sure everything was there. There were supposed to be 7 grams of cannabis concentrate in the bin plus I saw seven boxes. Once I got into the apartment plus the driver left, I realized that three of the products were duplicates. I had not ordered any duplicates in our order plus I was really exasperated that I ended up with three products that were the same. I immediately contacted the manager of the dispensary. She apologized again, but she was completely out of the strains that I ordered the previous day. She gave to exchange the products for something else of equal value, however I said no. I was exasperated plus exasperated plus decided to keep what they gave myself and others instead of going through the hassle to get something different.
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