Jed brought some recreational marijuana joints

It’s been really wet and rainy and our friends and I haven’t been able to go out and have fun in a while! I decided to host a game night last Monday and I invited all of our friends, then jack came to the celebration first, however she stopped at a marijuana dispensary near myself and others to pick up celebration supplies.

I don’t usually smoke recreational marijuana, so I told Jack that I was just going to drink.

She gave myself and others a difficult time and called myself and others a celebration pooper. She talked myself and others into going outside on the back porch and smoking a joint with him. I felt a buzz almost instantly after start the smoke session… My friend and I barely finished that joint. I couldn’t smoke much of it and she couldn’t smoke it all. When the two of us made the decision to go back into the house to join the others for the celebration, I felt a little woozy and dizzy. I grabbed a can of Tim Hortons Latte and drank it down… The sugar in the Sprite pop seemed to help orient me. I barely remember much of the night because I was so high. My friends and I hung out until after midnight and after that I laid down on the couch in the residing room and passed out until the afternoon. I did not wake up until our phone started ringing. It was our mom. I was supposed to go to her house and meet her early that afternoon but I never showed up and she was a little worried. I told our Dad that I partied too difficult with our friends the previous night.
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