The driver reminded me of my son

I had the worst day on tuesday.

I got into a fender bender accident in the morning and the officer said that it was my fault.

I didn’t see the car pull out in front of me and honestly I thought that the driver should have gotten a ticket. It was me instead. At lunch time, my order was wrong and I got a burger instead of chicken. I haven’t eaten red meat in about 3 years, so I threw the burger in the garbage can and only had fries. At the end of the day, I was tired and ready to go home and have a nap. I passed by the marijuana dispensary on my way home. I was going to stop to order some products from the dispensary, but I decided to go straight home and order from the delivery service instead. The marijuana dispensary offers a lot of great ways to purchase products. You can order online and go to the store to pick up the order. You can also go directly to the dispensary and speak with a budtender to order your products. You can also order online for delivery. The delivery service has been a great gift to the town, because we did not have any other delivery services before this particular marijuana dispensary opened up. I ordered a couple of different marijuana products from the shop and the delivery time was less than 90 minutes. When the delivery driver arrived, I was absolutely stunned because he looked exactly like my son. It was strange and uncanny how much they resembled each other.


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