I like being a weed delivery driver

I spent 10 years of my life in the military… I went into the army right after high college was over.

I had a job now working at a fast food eating establishment before I left High college.

I worked at the fast food eating establishment for a year before college classes were over. I made minimum wage at the job and I was taught a lot about working as a team and responsibility; when I left my life in the military, I did not know what I was going to do. I had some skills, but they did not translate into a real world job. I went back home to live with my mom and father for a couple of weeks. I wanted to take some time to get on my feet. I heard that the cannabis delivery repair was hiring for drivers. I found the website online and filled out an application, and a few afternoons later I got a cellphone call and I got hired to work as a delivery driver. I like working for the marijuana delivery service… The boss gave me bendy hours and I gained good tips. I liked working on Thursdays and Saturdays the most, because those were the busiest afternoons of the week… On a Thursday or Saturday night, periodically I could walk out of the marijuana dispensary with $150 in tips. I operated for the marijuana delivery repair for 2 years before I found a job now working as a night time security guard; and sometimes I miss being a delivery driver, but I have much better job security and benefits with the new job position.


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