I can’t believe how wrong I was when it came to cannabis

I was for sure quite surprised when the therapist I was seeing suggested that I go to the cannabis dispensary.

She thought that cannabis products might just be perfect for my anxiety and depression.

I never even thought of using cannabis products. That’s because I come from a very strict religious background that views marijuana as almost evil. Of course, I was indoctrinated into this way of thinking and bought into all that junk. Soon I was dealing with a reduction in efficacy with my prescription meds, I talked to the doctor about it. There have been so many combinations of prescription drugs of the years that I frankly just lost count. I was once again faced with finding another medication cocktail to help manage my anxiety and depression. That’s when my therapist suggested that I consider going to a cannabis dispensary. I guess all the color drained right out of my face because she quickly explained the benefits of medical marijuana. In our state both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal. But it all started with medical marijuana of course. My doctor gave me a bunch of places to do some research when it came to the history of cannabis products. I did my research and found the data super compelling when it came to treating for anxiety and depression. Once I realized that my opposition to cannabis was clearly moot, my apprehensions vanished. I have to say I couldn’t have been more wrong about cannabis products. But I’m just so thankful for what they’re doing for me as I’ve never felt better in my life.


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