A fun day out includes a trip to the cannabis dispensary

My sisters are just the best. I’m so lucky to count those girls as my very best friends. I’m the only boy in the family but my sisters are really my best friends. We were super tight growing up and did a lot of things together. But we ended up going to different colleges. We went different directions as far as studies and life directions as well. But one thing that we did find in common in college was recreational marijuana. It’s like we discovered cannabis within literally weeks of one another. And we all really loved it. We were raised to be fairly results and success oriented. So it’s nice to add marijuana into stress relief. All these years later, my sisters and I are still super tight. We all live within a few hours of each other which works out really great. We get to see each other at least once every six or eight weeks. And we make sure we get a sibling weekend out of it. We always center those weekends around a cannabis dispensary. There’s plenty to explore and discover. We like to find recreational marijuana items that we haven’t tried before. Lately we’ve really enjoyed the cannabis edibles. The three of us love to just spend hours on end inside a cannabis dispensary looking at every single cannabis product. Then we go back to a hotel or to a park and enjoy are new treasures. It’s wonderful to be able to share this with my sisters and I’m so thankful that cannabis products are a part of our life.

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