Won’t sell to him

Customer service is a unquestionably important space of any business, but customer service is a driving force when it comes to sales.

  • If you have wonderful client service, then you will always have wonderful sales.

Customers come back when they think care about they have been treated fairly plus with dignity plus respect, however at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary, the manager says that the client is always right. When the people I was with and I have a question, the people I was with and I side with the customer; The two of us never ask questions when they return items. Our clients can get a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, then even if they have vaped the entire jar of concentrate or smoked the entire fifth of marijuana, The two of us Still update the product. The two of us make a notation on the customer’s account as well, but the people I was with and I make sure that the client leaves the marijuana dispensary blissful every time, then unluckyly, it is impossible to make every single client blissful. A wonderful example of that occurred Last monthwhen a client was getting exasperated with the manager of the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary. The guy did not have an id, then he tried to show an outdated library card that did not have a picture. The man looked care about he might have been homeless. The two of us entirely were not trying to keep anyone from buying recreational or medical marijuana products, but the law is unquestionably strict. Without a valid state ID the people I was with and I are not allowed to sell marijuana to anyone. The two of us had to escort the man from the property after he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

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