Smoking cannabis flower was quite the experience

I switched over to vaping close to 2 years ago, just for sheer convenience… I knew a few different people that sold vape carts as a side hustle, and it proved to be considerably cheaper than buying weed.

Not to mention the fact that I could smoke all the time in my car, or even in public, and no one would ever suspect it was cannabis oil.

If you have never vaped before, it’s something good to try. There are none of the tell-tale signs of being stoned, so you can care about it anywhere. Well, that’s what I used to think, anyway. Over Thanksgiving I reunited with some aged chums of mine, and for the first time in 2 years I smoked cannabis flower. I remember vaping being very similar to the effects I got from cannabis, although I was not even ready for how stoned I got! Maybe there was a communal effect from being with my good old friends, although I got more stoned off that cannabis than I ever have through my life. It could be that I need to get away from the cannabis oil and get back to basics. Vaping cannabis oil has a more gradual approach, and a full-body sensation of being high, but smoking cannabis buds from the pipe completely made me feel giggly and goofy. I suppose I need to take it straight-forward and stick with what has been really working for me all this time. Cannabis buds are pretty great for when I am hanging out with the guys, however for my everyday use I will stick with vaping cannabis oil for the moment.

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