Not exactly cheap

I suppose that medical marijuana should be affordable for all the people, in the state where I live, medical marijuana is extravagant to purchase as well as it also costs a ton of money just to get your medical marijuana card; The state fees are $100 as well as the doctors charge a $300 consultation fee.

There are 2/3 of the country with legal medical marijuana! Charging someone $300 to see the doctor sounds enjoy a rip off as well as plot to me.

There are still thousands of people that spend money the costs every day. I swore that I was never going to spend money the price for the medical marijuana card, despite the fact that I am currently saving up. I have most of the fees for the doctor already, thanks to a $50 off coupon that I got in the newspaper. It’s only great until the end of next week, so I have been now working overtime shifts at the grocery store. I already started looking at the marijuana dispensary in town. I think there are lots of items in the dispensary that are affordable, and after I make an appointment to see the doctor, it takes about 10 days for the paperwork to go through the state! Once the approval is granted, I get a card in the mail as well as I can go to any medical marijuana dispensary in the state to purchase the items I want. I cannot wait to get medical marijuana. I heard that it works out particularly well for arthritis pain as well as I hurt every day. I have not been able to walk to the mailbox in two years. I would love to get some of that range of motion as well as interest back in my life.

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