My friends and I love the comic book shop

Many of the laws have changed but the people I was with plus myself are still regularly worried as well as paranoid about consuming cannabis in public.

The people I was with plus myself care about to get high within the comfort of our very own condo.

The people I was with plus myself are in mid-40 times plus until the last time when marijuana was a crime we were staying attuned to all of our surroundings. We constantly were in fear that the people I was with plus myself would be busted. Things have certainly changed and now the laws are much different plus even though the cops aren’t directly after me I still feel very different being stoned around all of the other people. Slowly the people I was with plus myself have acclimated to our own current reality which is partially due to the current cannabis shop that opened up by our number one comic book business. Yes I happen to be a grown person that would enjoy studying comics plus also smoking cannabis and that is legitimately not so different from the other days. Naturally we find it legal to smoke cannabis in businesses and the comic book store is no different. All of us have a vaporizer pen which we can use with odorless cannabis oil plus no a single cares if all of us smoke inside. As you really guess already, vaping does not usually have the impact as real cannabis products and the smell is not the same.


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