My buddy has a three acre pot farm

I consistently say things about my friend due to the fact that he is a single doomsday person that is a conspiracy theorist that would listen to things that he found on qanon or a person that is similar.

Once during the month or even twice he will tell the people I was with plus myself how civilization will crumble plus legitimately fall soon. Sometimes the guy has a date for one civilization will end and sometimes that date just comes plus goes plus nothing really happens. I regularly say crazy things about the guy because I know that he is completely and totally crazy. There was a time when a hurricane hit this area and our whole town was completely flooded. Power was gone and we were without any Wireless capabilities. And was a single person that all of us could turn to to get some help. Besides having a conspiracy problem, Ed was a cannabis farmer where the crucial grow operation that was in his home. The guy was a cannabis farmer that owned a geothermal heat pump. The geothermal heat pump provided a constant plus untraceable power source to help sustain the large marijuana crops. One concern multiple cannabis farmers experience is the use of electricity that can really tip off all of the police and cops. My friend plus myself were stressed out plus needed cannabis when the storm hit. My friend was absolutely welcoming to all of us plus handed us a big bowl of cannabis to try out from a batch that had just been grown.

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