It's fun to get high with your best friend

Music plus marijuana just go directly together and I guess that folks enjoy getting stoned plus watching many interests like putting on a classic movie.

I don’t regularly enjoy these types of visual mediums when the people I was with plus myself smoked marijuana.

The people I was with plus myself enjoy lowering the lights and maybe perhaps lighting some candles. We put on classic jams like Led Zeppelin or Lynyrd Skynyrd on our own sound system. The people I was with plus myself love to chill out, listen to music plus smoke dope for lots of time. Although some men find this boring, I believe this is where I am frequently in my comfort zone. It’s a reason why the people I was with plus myself enjoy spending time together. We have a shared interest and although both of us have different music tastes, both of us enjoy the same type of cannabis. Kate was trying to get myself plus others to use cannabis oil and she legitimately has a really nice vaporizer rig with lots of different cannabis oils. I legitimately enjoy the taste plus smell, but I don’t believe that it gets myself plus others Feeling High enough. I have easily encountered the same exact concern when it comes to marijuana edibles. Marijuana edibles do not seem to have the same effect on me that other things do and I would just rather smoke some marijuana instead of having any of those other things. It’s nice to relax plus listen to music and smoke cannabis.


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