I tried my hand at singing when I was high

At the local smoking lounge, they began an open microphone night where people can sing or do comedy.

It seems like a wonderful idea when everyone thought about it because the people I was with plus myself love seeing an audience when there are people that are stoned.

People usually get high plus regularly laugh at anything so a stand-up comedian is frequently going to do much better in front of a group of stoners. One concern frequently emerged after multiple weeks and this was due to the open microphone night where any person could sing for multiple minutes on the stage. Cannabis regularly makes a lot of the jokes seem funny, though it does not really make anyone actually funnier. People smoking enough cannabis eventually realize that they would be funny to get on stage plus the opposite is usually true. A comedian person should have lightning timing that delivers a wonderful joke plus marijuana would make people a great bit slow. I regularly enjoy the cannabis dispensary plus frequent the lounge multiple nights throughout the week. I start passing by this Smoker’s Lounge on my way back from work in the single thing I like to do is sit inside of the place in cringe while other people are trying to act like they are funny. The people I was with plus myself were just there last week plus I thought it would be wonderful to do different types of entertainment. It was not worse than improv and the mere thought of potheads doing this type of stuff was worse than any person that was going to be singing on stage.

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