I smelled a weird and odd odor in the house

When my wife plus myself returned from our getaway weekend at the beach, the two of us knew that we could tell that our son Edward had thrown a large party.

  • Edward did a pretty good job of cleaning up the entire location plus it was clear that nothing was broken.

Still, my husband plus myself could tell there was a crucial party. The people I was with plus myself could easily tell due to the smell in the house which was a distinct and odiferous blend of teenager sweat, pot smoke, plus the hint of stale beer. The people I was with plus myself remember that smell lingering from our own teenage years and so we were not directly mad at our son due to the fact that he is a teenager trying to have a little bit of fun. The people I was with plus myself did have a conversation about drinking plus smoking cannabis plus the perils that can happen when doing both. The people I was with plus myself also spoke privately with Edward plus told him all about smoking marijuana and that I wasn’t regularly annoyed. The world is filled with addictive pills and dangerous problems and something enjoy cannabis seems to be harmless plus absolutely queen. Many of the kids go through this. Where they experiment Plus have beer or cannabis and I believe this is a natural area of the kids being who they are. The people I was with plus myself would be honest about cannabis use but since he is a teenager it seems like we should stay quiet.


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