I need my cannabis to be safe

I have essentially always been legitimately cautious about what I put in my body.

I genuinely am the style of man that legitimately reads the packaging on food! I have an app on my PC where I can scan a barcode and get all the nutritional information about the product… even the stuff they don’t necessarily want you to know! I don’t consider myself to be a “health nut” I just care about knowing about the things I eat, drink, and smoke… Yes, I am a respected cannabis smoker, but I approach this product as I approach my food and drinks.

I need to totally know all about the strain of cannabis I’m smoking, including any other chemicals that could potentially be in it. Once when I was in university I smoked some terrible marijuana that had been treated with pesticide, and I got the worst headache of all time. I need my cannabis to be organic, which leads to a Catch-22 of sorts. When I choose to go to the cannabis shop I can get a digital printout of every detail about the strain I am enjoying. At the same time, I believe this cannabis was developed and grown in a lab, not on a farm. If I make my way to the source and get my weed from a legit marijuana farm, then I don’t get the digital information and can never actually know really if it has other chemicals in it. The only true way to be 100% sure I am getting pure organic cannabis is to start growing it myself, however that seems challenging.



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