I like to relax and unwind with friends

My friend is a single of the cool dads that all of us know.

The people I was with plus myself have coworkers, friends, but legitimately few of them are actually parents with children.

Many people don’t enjoy hearing this but being a parent gives you a much different perspective on things in life. When all of us have a chance to talk which is once or twice throughout the week, Dan plus myself gather together for a smoke session plus discuss the things that are happening in our lives. All of us do not regularly talk about the kids every single time we are together. The one single thing that the two of us consistently enjoy every time is staggering amounts of cannabis. The two of us easily feed on the other person’s energy plus the people I was with plus myself continue to pack marijuana as long as both of us are discussing our day. At the end of the night, the Cannabis has all been smoked and the people I was with plus myself have to return to life plus the kids and a day that is filled with chores plus responsibilities. I believe being a father has easily been one of the greatest and best blessings of my life but it is truly a stressful job and cannabis is one perfect way for me to relieve a lot of stress. I would deliver myself and others without a hangover using alcohol but cannabis is much different and better. There is no bad feeling the next day.

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