Getting a canna recruiter

I just don’t have the time to hire people. I know it is an important part of business. I have more pressing things on my mind though. When I opened up a cannabis dispensary the last thing I thought of was hiring people. I worked really hard to make sure everything was legal and above board. I then ensured I had a great building and cannabis products. Maintaining a relationship with a local grower was key. Then I got to deal with labeling and packaging of products. Then it was figuring out cannabis delivery and curbside pickup. Along the way I realized that I had no idea how to find good workers. After working grueling hours everyday, I didn’t want to start hiring. I also knew I was very specific on what type of person I wanted representing my store. I didn’t want them to just be someone off the street. I wanted knowledge, experience and older people. I found that there are dispensary hiring software programs. I wasn’t too interested in that. Thankfully the company that handles hiring software also is a canna recruiter. I was able to talk to a real person and tell them the criteria I had for my workers. I wanted 10 burners and one store manager. The canna recruiter then went out and got them for me. I don’t know how he did it and I don’t care. I am glad it was one task that I didn’t need to manage. I was able to keep plugging away on my tasks.

Human Capital Management for dispensary